The Civic Real Estate Branding

This Civic is an adaptive reuse of one of the oldest medical facilities in Philadelphia, St. Joseph’s Hospital. Originally opened as a Catholic hospital under the direction of the Sisters of Charity, St. Joe’s continued to serve as West Girard’s public center for health and safety over 100 years later. From early on, the hospital functioned more like a business than a charity—as they strived to provide low-cost care and exceptional hospitality for the working individual. Today, this space brings the public together—creating an authentic home and gathering place that offers convenience and inspires citizenship.

We combined multiple sources of inspiration – we took inspiration from the Public Hotel’s bold branding and indirect lighting, timeless black and white with neutral color tones to help avoid another “era” design mistake. Brand moments come to life with the Civic’s C mark as a mirror and our interior photoshoot.

  • Brand Identity

The continued existence of the hospital and the church buildings will be good for their neighborhoods, good for the city, and good for the planet. If we’re lucky, these structures will last a long time.

Inga Saffron, Inquirer