Jasper House Real Estate Branding

Southwood Properties, The HOW Group, and Sterling Wilson collaborated to develop Jasper House in Kensington. Set to launch in 2023, the building plans include 139 apartments and 10 artist studios, a courtyard garden, and 6,500 SF of light industrial space for BIPOC-owned food businesses on the ground floor. From peer-to-peer interaction to financing, Jasper House looks to address consistent challenges in the community, to ignite further change. That includes the quickly transitioning area around this property, with large residential buildings and new creative professionals living in them.

Southwood Properties, The HOW Group, and Sterling Wilson
  • Brand Identity,
  • Web Design,
  • Advisory

Over the course of 10 years, this project alone will provide $1M in subsidies to minority-owned businesses. We are proud of how this project is inspiring new financing models like this for other real estate developers. The impact this simple model is having will help create more sustainable city-wide transformation and long-term growth for all involved.

Sterling Wilson