Cohere Grand Hotel Mackinac Island

Grand Hotel Amenity Branding

Known as “America’s Summer Place,” the magnificent Grand Hotel beckons you to a bygone era of old-world hospitality and charm. The historic and internationally-beloved hotel is undergoing a renaissance. Equipped with fresh programming, brand strategy, and outlook for the future, this 135 year old destination decided to double down on what makes it great – activities, discovery, and escape. Adding another set of family-friendly amenities to its expansive grounds on Michigan’s Mackinac Island, hotel management approached Cohere with the task of bringing these new amenities to life with branding.

Davidson Hospitality
  • Strategy,
  • Naming,
  • Brand Identity,
  • Collateral Design

The latest addition of The Woodlands Activity Center includes a new suite of amenities and activities: a recreation court, bike rentals for Cedar Grove bike trail, The Gem 18 hole miniature golf, and an expansive Greenhouse to host activities and guided tours about the native flora on the island. Cohere led the process of naming, branding, and positioning these new amenities as part of the entire hotel experience.

The facility is designed to spark adventure and exploration for everyone – be it hotel guests, visitors, or the Mackinac Island community. We hope that anyone who spends time at the Woodlands Activity Center will enjoy a fun, new way to experience our historic property and this beautiful island.

David Jurcak, Grand Hotel’s president of operations

These activities are designed to be multi-generational – things children, parents and grandparents can have fun doing together. The team wanted to create new activities that the Grand didn’t have, to add to the island’s programming. They spent time to carve out a great space to celebrate the island – all new amenities will be open to hotel guests as well as island visitors who check in at the Activity Center.

“With its grand columned facade, horse-drawn carriages, afternoon tea service, and croquet and bocce courts, the property can feel like a portal to the past.”

– Travel+Leisure Best Hotels in the Midwest