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A brand is only as valuable as the stories it tells.

We’ve always embraced a narrative approach to branding. Define an audience, tell a story, and keep them coming back to that story to remain engaged.

As Cohere has evolved beyond the traditional creative agency, we’ve found the opportunity to tell many more stories to connect the dots between projects, people, and places. These don’t always present themselves as clearly as black and white case studies or tidy examples.

With that in mind, we completely rethought our website. Stripping down the typical “agency portfolio” approach, we strategically decided to focus only on timeless content and timely events. The mix of long-term stories and seasonal, dynamic event series allows us to present a website full of content that’s engaging no matter when you’re visiting.

Typical agency websites are old news.

We’ve scrapped the model of a service website that is selling you an outdated agency model or “process.” Just like the businesses we serve, we are creating real work that makes a difference for our audiences and industries we serve. This requires our website to be more flexible than the typical one. We believe that the traditional agency service model has perished and our website is just one way of demonstrating our regular commitment to being a forward-thinking, best in class example of a content engine.

We're a storytelling platform.

Rather than showing “case studies” which feel outdated the moment you launch them, we are now telling real-time stories about our clients and the work we do together. This requires us to walk the walk and make things that are relevant *now*, not later, and go beyond the graphic design or messaging, and out into the wild immediately.

We’ve made a distinct shift away from showcasing work in a bubble. Isolated creative work on a page helps to sell services, but without added context or the ability to truly evolve as the work evolves, a typical case study can grow stagnant.

Internally, it can become tiresome to ask, “Is the work done? Can we share it yet?” and for that reason, we’ve taken the approach to commit to the fact that work is never done. Brands are never “done” – in fact, good brands evolve. As they evolve, their stories evolve.

We’ve created our new website to showcase that fact.

Expect more stories. Expect shorter stories. Expect smaller snapshots of work as it comes to life – expect a deeper look at particular projects that allows our team to focus on the details of on particular aspect just a bit more.

Partners are the focus

The work we do requires a team of skilled people both within and outside of our agency. This new site will also showcase the work of those we bring into our inner circle, our trusted team of collaborators and the people that help us all get shit done. These people make up the collective of work that is Cohere, and it’s our intention to celebrate the collective contributions that make our work special. In fact, the only other main page on this website is intended to let visitors learn more About Us and our partners.

It’s our goal that all the separate pieces come together to tell a bigger story that is greater than the sum of its parts: To showcase what it means to truly be cohesive in our abilities, connections, and desires as a team.

Please take a moment to explore, browse, and peruse our stories. It’s our intention that the work on the pages sparks ideas and sparks connections. If something inspires, then reach out. We’d love to build a connection and see where the story goes.


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