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People ask us often “Who is the Butcher’s Daughter?”.

Mostly as a metaphorical question about what the brand stands for and where the voice and vision comes from. While working with this best-in-class brand in LA and NYC, particularly to help them launch their Williamsburg market, we learned a lot about who the personality is behind this brand.

The Butcher’s Daughter is a mix of Heather Tierney, the brand’s best fan base and founder.

It’s amazing how on-brand she is and how each of the women who walk through their doors is similar to her. Heather is effortlessly cool, laidback and in-tune with trends without even trying. She’s unlike any restauranteur I’ve ever worked with, and that is exactly why she connects with customers. The Butcher’s Daughter is like the perfect ending to a great workout, an oasis from work on a grey rainy day, the refreshing watermelon lavender drink you needed to boost your day. The brand, space, and the food offer what your most favorite friend offers – inspiration.

2 years ago I sat in their Venice location drooling. On a few occasions, I went and worked for hours, drinking endless Water Flower juice and Americanos. Ordering breakfast and before I knew it would order again for lunch. Daydreaming about what it would be like to work for a brand like that. Special. Magical. From a customer perspective, the brand has that “it” factor.

The Butcher's Daughter part II

Here we are, 2 years later doing restaurant marketing for The Butcher’s Daughter.

The pressure is surely on to show up big for them. Thankfully our decades of restaurant branding and marketing help us, and more importantly – our love for the brand. Heather built her restaurant brand empire on solving for what she thought the neighborhood needed. In Nolita 5 years ago she asked: “Why doesn’t this neighborhood have a juicer and plant-based restaurant?”. So she created it. Of course leaning into where she is incredibly strong – design, plant-based, and vibe. VIBE IS EVERYTHING.

The thrill to work with this woman is not lost on me for one minute. We consider it a huge honor. Creating the online journal with her, managing content, helping with social media, menu updates, events – whatever the need, we will fill it.

Antoinette Marie Johnson

We have also stepped in to assist them in activating the expansion next door to their Williamsburg location. The Bakery + Market offers a place where guests can sit and stay for a while, featuring free wi-fi and a large communal table. It features a fresh array of bread and pastries, an elevated coffee program by Devocion, and the classic juices, elixir shots, wellness lattes and organic smoothies you find next door. Plus, shelves of locally made ceramics, bath products, kitchen goodies, and more.

We’ve already been able to engage the space with workshops that align with The Butcher’s Daughter’s mission and cater to the Williamsburg neighborhood. Making your own oat milk with Bianca Valle, baking sourdough bread and even celebrating partnerships like their latest with Juneshine Hard Kombucha. This expansion allows customers to only further experience the brand.

The most impressive part of working with the brand so far is the way The Butcher’s Daughter attracts the best in class staff and customers. Watching how inspired everyone is, literally makes me want to hang out there every day. It’s a very easy way to motivate everyone to do their best. I remain inspired and engaged to do my best always for Heather and her beautiful restaurants. 

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