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Why Flowers?

One of our secret elements for helping create best-in-class hospitality experiences has been to create custom floral creations with our partner Yoon Kim. Together we top-off our vision for these spaces by creating one-of-a-kind arrangements, planters, containers, and wall gardens. Specifically, we aim for using seasonally relevant flowers, dried and locally sourced for a unique look that is wild, naturalistic..something that makes you gasp.

Creating Maidencreek Flowers was a way to brand the experience and start growing it into more than just installations for our special projects. We went live on Instagram a few weeks ago and have started taking orders from clients for regular arrangements, holiday decor, doing it quietly…organically.

Find Our Bouquets

Just before the holidays, we approached Di Bruno Bros. with a pitch to bring the florals directly to their customers. Our vision was to parallel the way they source their food and now their florals. They said yes! So now customers can get excited about yet another differentiator for Di Bruno Bros. Within 24 hours of installing our booth, the Maidencreek flower arrangements and bouquets sold out at the Rittenhouse location!

The Non-Traditional Route

Our mission is to stay true to embrace the beauty and wholeness of nature. A floral design service that aims to influence the industry by sourcing locally, with native and wild designs.

“70% of U.S. flowers are sourced from countries like Holland and Columbia. We have an obligation to reduce the footprint of flowers just like we are doing in food and fashion. Our job is to evolve shoppers to stop expecting tulips in the offseason and to appreciate more local, organic and native offerings”.

It gets personal

This consumer-facing brand addition to our business model has been a thrill and a surprise. Yet it’s one of those things that seems completely obvious in hindsight. My passion for making Philadelphia more beautiful dates back to my gardening and tree tending group in Point Breeze South Philadelphia. This new journey is about getting back to my roots and doing what feels right for the next chapter. I hope that Maidencreek Flowers will be as impactful at transforming spaces as Cohere has been. Both always pointing back to our ultimate purpose.

Let our life’s work be valuable. Let it be beautiful. Let that beauty impact others and make a legacy worth leaving.

Antoinette Marie Johnson for Philly Mag

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