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Telling the 100+ year old Julius Silvert’s brand story, starting with the top quality food.

The food supplier industry is unglamorous. It’s the dedication of drivers delivering quality products daily that earns the trust and respect of chefs. Imagine rushing to deliver ingredients in refrigeration trucks through congested downtown traffic, day after day. But the story of food is something that interests us all.

The most trusted name in food distribution since 1915 came to us to learn how to create a brand story online that best communicated their food quality and service. We started with inspiration from the most widely watched food series on Netflix – The Chefs Table.


Julius Silverts trucks are seen across the city delivering top-quality produce, meats, and more to leading restaurants in the region. Name any well-known restaurant group or concept in Philadelphia, DC, or even New York City, and chances are the ingredients of their top-selling dishes come from Julius Silvert.


We leveraged their access to incredible restaurants and chefs to create visually stunning content worth watching – housed on a sharp, dynamic website that’s earned awards from Awwwards, Communication Arts, and CSS Design Awards.

Thinking beyond their product, we sought to collaborate in unique ways. Using Netflix’s eye candy documentary series Chef’s Table as inspiration and armed with a team of talented freelancers, our content team shot a breadth of photos and videos that captured nearly every offering of Julius Silvert.

Our web team creatively incorporated the videos and photography into the Julius Silvert website, illustrating the potential of their products. Julius Silvert’s new web presence allows raw vegetables, seared duck breast, intriguing aged cheeses, and cured meats to take center stage, accompanied by creative animations and timeless design.

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