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The holidays are about sharing in the generosity of the human spirit.

We have been inspired to treat the planet with a little more kindness by embracing a plant-based and sustainable holiday. So for our client HipCityVeg, we helped create a “Give Good Campaign” that highlighted local artisans who shared in the care for people and the planet.

For the past few seasons, our team has helped HipCityVeg spread a new type of holiday message—celebrating sustainably and local businesses. We created a reusable gift guide newsprint around this concept, highlighting earth-friendly and vegan gift ideas from local brands, HipCityVeg’s seasonal menu, cooking and wrapping tips, and a catering ad-lib. Now, we’re helping the HipCityVeg team recreate and repurpose the campaign for 2019. Our inspiration came after discovering a few shocking environmental facts.

Did you know? Each year, around 4 million pounds of gift wrap ends up in a landfill. If we all do our part to wrap sustainably during the holidays, we could save 30 million trees worth of paper.

To help combat this issue, we designed the newsprint to double as wrapping paper and worked with artist, Lauren Cat West, to create a takeout bag that customers could re-use it as a sustainable alternative to other, non-recyclable gift bag options. Changes as small as using compostable wrapping paper or recycling gift bags can have a huge impact!

Good Natured Gifts

The Gift Guide newsprint featured 7 local, sustainable companies that are making our planet proud. The holidays are a time of indulgence, and it’s important to remember that each small act of good can help create a collectively better world. Local brands included Franklin & Whitman and United by Blue, check out the full guide on HipCityVeg’s site.

Left: The Paddle Away Water bottle by United by Blue. Right: Little Moon + Arrow Tea Set

“Integrating more sustainable habits, in our diets and our lives doesn’t have to be complicated. When you have a shift in the foodscape, it can stimulate other types of positive change. This was our main inspiration when redesigning our takeout bag and creating a gift guide. Let this holiday season be about compassion for all living things. Let’s renew our commitment to sustainability; at HipCityVeg we are doing that every single day.” says Founder, Nicole Marquis

Eating Good

Eat well and feel good. HipCityVeg is based on the idea that you don’t have to give up burgers, fries, and shakes to eat healthier. Small actions like replacing one meal a week can have a lasting impact on the earth. HipCityVeg also has delicious seasonal items like a Merry Mint shake and Quinoa Chili to treat yourself during the holiday season.

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