University City Science Center Celebrates Future Growth

Written By

Antoinette Johnson


October 16, 2016



The Science Center is expanding its footprint and impact, and continuing to develop as a hub of jobs and a major economic driver in Philadelphia. With a mission to retain Philadelphia’s entrepreneurs and organizations at all levels, the Science Center’s programs and resident companies are responsible for $13 billion dollars of annual revenue in the region and for 1 of every 100 jobs in Greater Philadelphia. By providing both tangible and intangible resources, Science Center provides support to countless innovative companies that are changing the future of their industries. By creating a core community and a home for science and technology, Science Center has attracted the likes of Microsoft to put anchors down in Philadelphia.

We sponsored the Science Center’s annual fundraising event, Nucleus, as a way to not only celebrate the Science Center and its resident companies’ achievements, but to continue to make their work a reality. Partners like PECO, Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, and University of Pennsylvania continue to enable Science Center programming, thus providing a boost to our region’s economy. Over 12,000 people work at the Science Center’s incubator resident and graduate firms in the Philadelphia region. These are some amazing companies that are working on everything from 3D printing of living tissues, to preventing attacks against women, to ensuring the safety of the world’s food supply. Big stuff.

President Steve Tang shared the organization’s message to the enthusiastic crowd: to keep innovation and opportunities like this in Philadelphia.

“Not only does technology have the power to change patients’ lives, but the jobs it creates can offer a pathway to well-paying jobs that can help lift people out of poverty.” – Steve Tang

Congratulations to the Science Center for a successful event, and the continued work to support homegrown success stories and companies in Philadelphia. We can’t wait to continue to witness the future of the organization and its impact around us.

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