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Challenging the status quo

Spring Mill is a 508,000 square foot “Class A” campus comprised of 8 buildings on the edge of the Schuykill River in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. What once was a historic tire factory turned typical, stale, and suburban office park is transforming into a united ecosystem cultivating a diverse tenant mix that fuses today’s new creative economy.

The private real estate investment company, Alliance HSP, called on Cohere to support the reimagining of the property from the inside out. Cohere and Alliance HSP had worked together before on the historic ammunition property, The Frankford Arsenal. The challenge: Restore an old tire factory while maintaining the historic character and strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit of the creative community within it.

Once the thriving world headquarters, the Lee Tire and Rubber Factory, opened its four-story modern factory, pioneering “puncture-proof” tires. Technology that achieved national prominence and later was acquired by Goodyear as a subsidiary.

Fast forward to a year ago, and as you drive I-76 along the Conshy Curve, you can still see the Spring Mill logo atop the main building. Since it’s heyday, several buildings have been added to create a suburban office park and a Frankenstein-like property. Full of untapped potential.

Reinventing the wheel

In considering the brand experience, we made a “baby,” as we like to call it. A mash-up of experiences to guide the brands’ essence and inspire the brands’ purpose.

We envisioned the social spaces typically found in co-working spaces, think breakout areas and nooks without the exclusivity and member fees. The comfort, entertainment, and hospitality found in restaurant environments. This created an environment that blurred the line between work and life and formed a creative workplace that inspires and connects those within it.


Here, you’ll find health-conscious cafes, a boutique fitness center, curated programming, and distinct social spaces that build community and offer a work-life balance.


The branding, from messaging, logos, color, and typography was inspired by automotive brands of the early 1900s, including the Lee Tire & Rubber companies memorabilia. The industrial and Americana nuances made an appropriate connection to the energy of a creative environment.


Individual badges, like car emblems, were created based on the campus’s landmarks found in water towers, capstones, and original signage. Together these elements set the tone for a refreshed and vibrant community.

When you walk into a creative workplace – you can sense it. There is a buzz in the air; the spaces are often playfully unorthodox, and people are energetic and engaged.


Treading forward

Spring Mill Campus breathes new life into the suburban workplace— accessing it’s historical roots and creative nature, to differentiate the property from an otherwise corporate Conshohocken.



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