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Founded by Quakers, Embraced by All

Neighborly connection and gathering has always been rich in Narberth’s soil. More than 125 years ago, The Quakers carved off a piece of PA land for farming and villages, naming it “The Elm.” When the railroads expanded to the area, the town’s connection grew to Philadelphia and outward, but still has never lost its tight-knit community feel. Taking the name of a main street, Narberth went on to thrive as its population sharply rose after the two World Wars. Pride is knitted into the town’s social fabric – a place where you are happy to live, know those around you, and to continue to grow together.

We were pleased to discover this history and local pride when crafting a brand for this mid-rise development on Philadelphia’s well known Main Line. Taking the short trip out of the city to Narberth, you’re immediately transported back in time. And when creating a brand to tell the story of the first new construction in the town in the past several decades, we knew we had to respect the past while telling the story of Narberth today.


Small Town Appeal

Remember a time when you slowed down to say hello to a neighbor or headed to the grocery store on foot? In today’s fast-paced, overworked society, Narberth takes that extra beat. It’s a charming town just west of the city. And if you’d rather head out, the train to Philadelphia runs right through the center of town.

A Touch of Serenity

Our goal was to create a brand that showcases the uniqueness of Narberth, while also bringing in a boutique and elevated Main Line comfortability. What better inspiration for the Elm than the buildings and foliage found in the town itself? Serif fonts and a natural color palette were chosen for their understated, natural and elegant feel. A hand-drawn custom branch serves as a supporting visual element.

The Town is the Amenity

The story of Narberth is the story of small business. It’s the story of families, and it’s the story of tight-knit community. A town with “one of everything you need” it truly is a special place – a hidden gem. As such, a core component of this brand was showcasing the town itself. With little in the way of “typical” amenities, the developers took a more bespoke approach, mimicking the styling of a boutique hotel more so than a multifamily development. That meant, minimal lobby space, no fluffy “common areas” and instead, a true focus on what’s outside the front door – a thriving and precious main street with pubs, cafes, cheesemongers, and a post office.

It is truly a family-oriented town where neighbors help and care for each other… Narberth was a well-kept secret for almost 100 years, but for better or worse, it has been discovered, and hopefully the new residents will continue the volunteerism and support of the local businesses as their predecessors did.

John Duffy, Philly Mag

The Best Kept Secret

Located right in the heart of Narberth, The Elm will flourish as a central point in the community. The building’s sophisticated amenities and highend stylings will unite with the surrounding down-to-earth lifestyle to provide the ultimate Main Line, small-town setting.

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