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What is the Ten Year Plan?

For years, Chef Erik Oberholtzer has been consulted by experts on his Ten Year Plan tools and success story with Tender Greens. It is the framework of his book and the basis of ourTYP workshop where he guides participants in planning their next decade of success for their business.  The Ten Year Plan (TYP) workshop is a three-week course designed for hospitality, food, consumer product goods, and impact-related business owners. Each session involves 3 Weeks with a commitment of a 1 one-hour zoom meeting every Weds (3 total).

This year there will be 4 workshop opportunities:

Each session focuses on a different element of the process.

WEEK 1 | FOUNDERS THERAPY – This will be like therapy every week, but starting with the questions – where are you now? What’s working? What’s not working? Exercises and tools to get the journey re-started in a productive new direction.
WEEK 2 | THE FOUNDER’S VISION – This is a series of exercises and tools to help you articulate what you want at your core and then build a plan that can help you engage your team and key partners.
WEEK 3 | HOW TO GET THERE – Roadmap, journey, and strategic planning tools that will guide you in the short and long term.

Think of this course as the training you’ve always dreamed of with a best-in-class mentor to guide you through long view planning and short-term tools for growth. To reserve your spot a ticket is $195 – which is a small investment in the future of your endeavors and a lifetime of good tools to get you there.

Join us in determining what your 2030 looks like and buy your tickets here.

Want to start now?

Check out the Ten Year Plan book to learn how your business, can be a powerful engine for needed social change.

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