Opening Choice Market in Downtown Denver

Written by Antoinette Marie Johnson on November 8, 2017

The opening of Choice, a 24×7 market and convenience store, sparks serious change for Downtown Denver folks.

Known as the leading natural foods state in the nation, Choice is proof of the innovation happening in Colorado around healthy food. This new concept is breaking the convenience store model with one of the only healthy places open 24×7 in Denver, and also offering responsibly sourced food, made-to-order chef-driven meals, and local products.


Founder Mike Fogarty hails from Philly, so naturally, we dug his style. We like to say his concept is influenced by a Wawa meets Wegmans – fast and convenient, but quality and health conscious. “We’re preparing as much as possible in-house, using fresh, local, sustainably raised food,” said Fogarty.

As a celebratory article from Westword noted for the opening:

“Fogarty’s vision hinges on a prepared-food and grab-and-go program that offers consumers easy access to freshly made and responsibly sourced food.”


“Too much choice breeds unhappiness” – Dalai Lama

Choice is one of those paradoxical things where having too many choices leads to decision fatigue. On the other hand, having little freedom to make your own choices creates a lack of satisfaction. The idea behind The Paradox of Choice argument is: Instead of increasing our sense of well-being, an abundance of choice is increasing our levels of anxiety, depression, and wasted time. Whether you’re deliberating between salad dressings, career paths or the type of car to buy, the amount of options out there can be overwhelming.

For Choice Market, we set out to create a brand and experience where you can trust the choices made for you – offering healthy, local, convenient, quality and socially conscious products and food for your life. Plus, by providing made-to-order meals, snacks, groceries, and daily essentials all in one place, you only have to make one choice where to go to get everything you need. This saves you time and peace of mind, freeing you up to spend more time choosing the things that matter most to you – like family, wellness, adventure, anything! Having one place sourcing you ethical and healthy options helps people make more mindful, intentional selections for their day.


We had some serious fun with the branding, too, making it simple, modern, clean and fun.

Choice’s color family is inspired by the Denver public transportation system, and the brand’s personality by everyone’s favorite ’80s character: Ferris Bueller.

“It is so choice.” – Ferris Bueller

Our creative team went HAM with the signage and packaging, helping people identify a good choice when they saw one. We imagined these bowls out at your desk as you choose to work while you eat during lunch, reminding your coworker that they can get a Curry Noodle bowl too if they’d like.

“If we are interested in maximizing the welfare of our citizens, the way to do that is to maximize individual freedom.” – Barry Schwartz, The Paradox of Choice

What better way to help ensure our Denver residents remain happy, healthy and socially responsible? We’re happy to further our mission by co-creating this smart destination with Choice, and this one is open 24 hours a day! For more, head to the Choice website.