Moving More With Less: Rebranding Florida’s Gateway

Written By

Chris Richards


February 16, 2017



Welcome Florida’s Gateway – previously named the Central Florida Intermodal Logistics Center, the high-tech industrial development has a new name and look to reflect the property’s central location as a “gateway” to the rest of the state and region. To coincide with the name change, our team worked with Baltimore’s branch of JLL brokerage to strategize, plan, design, and implement a rebranding for Florida’s Gateway.

This intermodal logistics center has been major staple for local commerce. With the capacity to move 300,000 shipping containers annually and to connect to over 18 million people within a half day’s drive, Florida’s Gateway is a game-changer for development throughout the region.

The secret to their success is their prime real estate near the CSX Winter Haven Intermodal, Florida’s only high-speed rail line. With access to multiple seaports and major cities along the east coast, tenants can ship more goods faster, cheaper and with a lower environmental impact. Utilizing CSX also reduces the need for trucks, which means less congested highways and fewer gas emissions—a real win-win.

We approached the brand with big, bold design and an identity to suit the industrial and dependable nature of the project. The development’s logo plays on the brand’s connectivity and is strong enough to stand on its own, but also pairs with the CSX logo to leverage CSX’s recognition and collaboration. The ultimate goal of the rebrand was to create a long-term, sustainable vision for the property’s development and to help JLL continue to attract the attention of national brands and suppliers to the region.

We’re excited to see Florida’s Gateway remain an anchor for economic development in the region and are proud to have helped them position themselves as a pioneer for future growth in Florida.