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As a part of Design Philadelphia 2019 and our ending to the Hemp Grounds exhibit, we hosted a sold-out CBD infused dinner at Charlie was a sinner with local plant-based influencers. Our objective was to fill the room with people who could help answer the question “What can we do with hemp?” Designers, architects, developers and plant-based gurus joined us as we dined with the industrialized hemp as a flavorful ingredient and CBD cocktails.

Dinner was prepared by Tender Greens founder, Chef Erik Oberholtzer, Nicole Marquis founder of HipCityVeg and her Executive Chef Nick from Charlie Was a Sinner. Featuring CBD products provided by the plant-based content group PlantPeople.

The full menu from the evening:

Course One

Rodale Butternut Squash and Pawpaw Soup with Kale and Broccoli Salad, Hemp Vinaigrette

Course Two

Pocono Organics Cauliflower and Kohlrabi with Hemp ChimiChurri

Course Three

Maiden Creek Potato and Hemp Gnocchi with Primordia Mushrooms

Course Four

Heirloom Apple and Hemp Seed Crumble

The locally grown vegetables were sourced by our partners at Pocono Organics and Rodale Institute. Locally foraged pawpaws and mushrooms were also provided by Primordia Farm. We got extremely lucky to include these ingredients such as squashes, kohlrabi and fresh cauliflower as it was the last harvest of the season for these local farms!

We also worked with the bartenders at Charlie was a sinner. to craft specialty cocktails that incorporated CBD from PlantPeople. The first mocktail was infused with the drops called mind + body in the green juice so that people could start the meal off really feeling the effects of CBD. The drops have been shown to combat anxiety, inflammation, tension, reduce cortisol as well as other hormones that create stress and poor health.

A mix of influential plant-based leaders like Judy Wicks the founder of White Dog Cafe, Kristal Hill the Creative Director of Free People and a few leaders in food and hospitality from New York City and Philadelphia.

Attendees mingled with local influencers in the growing hemp community who are joining the conversation to discuss future use scenarios for hemp in food and design innovation.

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