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DC is getting a healthy dose of Philly after we helped HipCityVeg launch their first out-of-state expansion into our nation’s capital.

Our favorite plant-based fast food joint moved into Washington’s Chinatown neighborhood in early June. As the journey down I-95 pushed us both into new territory, we were with them every step of the way.

As the Philadelphia Business Journal pointed out, the HipCityVeg expansion is broadening our horizons as a creative agency, as this is our first full project offering ancillary services including interior design and construction management. Our in-house production establishes lifetime responsibility for a brand, allowing our entire team to create one cohesive experience. This is another step towards our goal – designing cities we live, work, and play in.

The Marquis and Co. expansion marks an evolution in HipCity’s brand image that will carry over to their current and future locations. Working closely with founder Nicole Marquis and architects HapstakDemetriou+, we developed an inclusive brand focusing on the community and lifestyles surrounding HipCityVeg. Our team produced everything from interior and exterior signage to customer collateral (swag, take-out menus, and packaging), and amplified their digital voice with a new website and integrated social media platform. Local artist Rose Jaffe even graced HipCity’s walls with a custom mural. Together, we have truly created something that is soy delicious.

Our move to Baltimore last year was the beginning of our support for the HipCityVeg expansion. It marked a new era for our company, giving us access to construction management and business development further south. By connecting the pieces throughout each step of the project – from development and planning to design and construction – we are transforming into a multidimensional shop that is inspiring where we live, work, and play. Next up is launching the new HipCityVeg on Broad Street here in Philadelphia, coming later this summer.


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