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As one of Philadelphia’s leading architecture firms, JKRP Architects has gained recognition locally and nationally for their personal approach and attention to detail across their industries. Through carefully designed and quality-built spaces, they connect their clients’ vision to a living reality.

Though they were rooted in years of experience and innovation, JKRP was in need of a fresh look. We added clarity to their name and brand so they stand out amongst construction sites across Philadelphia and beyond. Today, you can’t escape the “Jerry Roller Orange” logo signs across their many projects in progress.

As they leave their mark on cities with groundbreaking architecture, we’re proud to have left our mark on JKRP Architects.

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Architecture firms are some of our favorite teams to work with on creative and branding projects. Whether it’s supporting or defining their own brand, or collaborating closely on the positioning and vision for a building under development, we just click.


If you work with or represent an architecture firm seeking a creative agency, please reach out.

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