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We Craft Commercial Building Brands That Sign Leases

The power of branding to attract world-class business can’t be denied – Cohere worked with Alliance HSP to create a brand that respected the past while looking to the future for ‘history makers’ at its unique and massive Frankford Arsenal campus, just a few miles outside of Center City, Philadelphia.

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What once was a bustling factory for war-time ammunition production, will now be home to Swedish oat milk producer Oatly’s first North American presence. Oatly committed to a 6,000 sq ft. lease through Colliers International and will join a number of other commercial tenants in the Arsenal’s sprawling post-industrial campus.

A Place Needs to Own Its History

Established in 1816, The Arsenal served as a staple for the industry and economy not just of Philadelphia—but of the entire country as thousands of workers filled the campus.

Once the center of U.S. military ammunition design and development, the space was a pivotal player in the Civil War, World War I and II, and the Vietnam War.

This is what has inspired us and the development group to reposition the project to appeal to new manufacturing businesses.

Cohere built a brand around bridging the gap between the buildings past history-makers to the next wave of modern, light industrial businesses. Asking future tenants, what history will they make at the Arsenal? The messaging has worked, and the positioning of a traditionally-overlooked corner of Philadelphia, into a thriving business hub is taking hold in the commercial leasing space.

Re-establish what it means to be made in Philadelphia.

An industrial center with deep roots in the city, Frankford Arsenal is bringing back the tailor-made mentality. From the Civil War to Vietnam, small-arms ammunition to infrared technology—this has been a place of American innovation for generations. Today, that determination to build better lives on. The Arsenal is a workspace for craftsman and entrepreneurs who operate at a higher caliber, take pride in their community, and know what it means to build locally.

Cohere has years of experience creating brands like The Arsenal for commercial real estate, retail, and hospitality clients. Each property has a story to tell, and a position to take in the marketplace; we need to discovery that story then design the right components to support your team to ensure a successful lease-up and tenant mix. Contact us to craft a brand for your property.

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