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Our Founder Antoinette Marie Johnson's Home Remodel Was Featured in PhillyMag

Utilizing Cohere’s guiding principles in design, our agency founder, Antoinette Marie Johnson’s Fishtown home remodel was featured in PhillyMag. Four years of sweat, elbow grease, money and imagination went into remaking this house into a rustic-yet-modern space that’s also a showcase for the work of local artists, designers and craftspeople. Featuring cabinets by JK Lockerby woodworking studio at BOK, artwork by Philadelphia based artist Lauren Johnson, furniture by Dyphor and florals by Maidencreek co.

"Johnson has made a career of image polishing and space reshaping... Even though you will find two men on the Cohere team, the company today is actually an example of what happens when you get a bunch of very smart women, put them together in a room, and get them to thinking about the character of a business or space."


Read the full article in PhillyMag here. 

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