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In Mexico, surrealism runs through the streets. Surrealism comes from the reality of Latin America.

Gabriel García Márquez, to The Atlantic in 1973

Magical Realism is a literary concept coined and defined by influential author and thinker, Gabriel García Márquez in the 1970s. It embraces the fantasy found in the everyday. It’s very much grounded in reality with a keen awareness that anything magical could happen at any moment. In that sense, it leaves ample room for creative interpretation and visual intrigue when considering how it can be applied to a brand.

That’s the premise that Gabriela Guaracao approached Cohere with: let’s create a retail brand like never before, firmly planted in the realm of magical realism. AMERICAE was born.

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AMERICAE was founded by Gabriela Guaracao. Born in Colombia and raised between Colombia and the U.S.A., Gabriela spent the first part of her career supporting storytelling in newsrooms and international affairs. Her career fostered a desire to tell a new story through the lens of e-commerce, experiential retail, and exciting fabrics and materials.

She says, “languages are the windows or eyes into its respective culture. AMERICAE’s office is based in Philadelphia and consists of team members originally from the U.S. and from different parts of the world. We speak English, Spanish, French and Italian are always looking to add more languages to our team.”

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