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Fast Food Favorites Done Differently

With the rise of plant-based burger success, we teamed up with HipCityVeg to highlight their own fast food favorites that break the mold. Specifically their “Good as Gold” Plant-based Chick’n Nuggets are a fan favorite, so creating a narrative around them and engaging audiences was a no-brainer. We created award-winning packaging for their newly-designed golden nugget recipe, capturing the fun, nostalgic energy in a hyper-competitive plant-based market.

We wanted customers to experience the nostalgic feeling of family meals fast-food chains while incorporating a hip take on their popular plant-based version of burgers and fries. In this case the nuggets are the star.

Creating a Narrative with some fun.

For the marketing campaign, HipCityVeg wanted to give customers a behind-the-scenes take on how they redesigned the recipe for golden nuggets and launch a series of ways for the customer to interact with the product. We launched “golden hour” for deals, created a contest for the bucket design, and made some fun gifs for interactive mobile purchases, social media and more. The main idea here is to show them how our recipe is made in-house, and that’s why it’s more crispy and delicious than the rest.

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Golden Hour. Award Winning.

It’s not enough to make cool content. You have to give the customer something too. Our “Golden Hour” promotions and limited time offers helped draw attraction to the campaign and give the viewer a call-to-action worth listening to. Based on the ongoing success of this product we think that the chick’n nugget recipe is a winner and the creative campaign will evolve for years to come!

Team Credits –

Strategy, Creative Direction: Antoinette Marie Johnson, Dylan Garner
Designers: Victoria Costa, Randi Bellamy, Tabitha Ahnert
Marketing Support: Caroline Hearn
Animations: Andre Rucker
Styling: Claire Baker

On top of the customer success is the honor of winning a GDUSA packaging design award for the nuggets and fries. "HipCityVeg was chosen over big brands like Hidden Valley Ranch, Cheerios, Kellogs etc. Independents are proving to be true winners in creative marketing to their audiences because they have the freedom to do more. We chose this image as the cover because it made them smile."

- Graphic Design USA
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