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Our Apprenticeship Program

Cohere is a dynamic creative agency that is focused on building a family of brands at the intersection of food + place + impact. We are a nontraditional creative studio that has a reputation for creating best-in-class hospitality and experiences in the U.S. Our Apprenticeship Program is designed as a system of training for a new generation of professionals in the multi-disciplinary fields of agency, hospitality, food, florals – so you can land where your strengths are.

We believe that creatives should be skilled at multiple roles and that the traditional one-mode position is yester-year. This program is designed to help someone like you surpass your peers and be ahead of the curve for career development and your portfolio.

A unique intersection of food, placemaking, and sustainability.

Apprenticeships are structured dualistically — a learning component supplemented by hands-on training. If you are chosen to join this coveted program with only 4 spots, Cohere will be your home for 6 months with a paid Apprenticeship program as your core focus. You will elect a lane in the area you are most interested in such as design, food, storytelling or branding, but Cohere helps coach our apprentices so that you can end up in a role that best serves you. You’ll get a full picture of how an agency works and building concepts with our clientele (restauranteurs, real estate developers) and our own new projects such as the Viaduct and more.

Once the apprentice is completed their 90-day training, they will follow this newfound path and go deeper into the specific area of interest that helps them gain a network of powerful people, projects and portfolio of work.

Making an impact in:

Cohere’s family of own brands such as Maidencreek (florals, nature) and the Viaduct space (a community space with activations for good causes), while also programming our many placemaking projects or fun food brands

Top restaurants and food related products such as HipCityVeg, The Butcher’s Daughter, Di Bruno Bros., Charlie was a sinner., Simply Good Jars, Starr Restaurants and more. We have a Chef on our team who is a fantastic mentor for whats-to-come in food and our work is Nationally known

Locally made goods that help combat corporate big-box and the fall of retail, such as Felt + Fat ceramics, Heirloma sugar, Valley Forge coffee and more. But our core commitment to brands that are doing more for people in the planet will expose you to conscious capitalism on a regular basis

The transformation of the built environment, supporting projects that help us accomplish Cohere’s original mission – “to transform abandoned space into something new again” ranging from new apartment buildings, commercial office spaces and new restaurants, hotels and more

Maybe you just graduated? Maybe you’re putting traditional education on hold? Maybe you’re making a career transition? This is a startup culture and the mentality is flexible enough to create the experience you need for your career trajectory.

Training from Experts

Experience Hands-on

Apprentices are more likely to find sustained employment and be compensated higher as a result of an apprenticeship. The aim is to go beyond the exposure that a standard internship would offer.

Employers with existing apprenticeships programs recognize the new ideas and high level of productivity apprentices bring to their organizations.

Success Stories: Alex, Content Creator

Joining Cohere as a content creator apprentice, Alex quickly became immersed in the culture. Fueled by newfound inspiration, she realized she could become an integral member of the team by staying true to a simple mindset: aim first, shoot second. Step back, check surroundings, look beyond the obvious frame and do something impactful. Now she is responsible for creating super useful storytelling content and is on track for an Art Direction role!

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Our incredible creative team of mentors you’ll work with this year:

Now hiring for Spring 2021

Open Positions

Storytelling Apprentice – We are looking for content creators interested in creative storytelling. Applicants must have experience with social media and visual content creation. The apprentice will assist the marketing team in social media management and content creation for both Cohere and its clients.

Copywriting Apprentice – Are you a writer who is interested in working with a team that specializes in branding, micro storytelling, long-form stories, and press? Join our team as a copywriting apprentice. The apprentice will gain exposure to both internal Cohere work as well as client projects and marketing.

Project Management Apprentice (Baltimore) – The Project Management Apprentice will support our projects that are focused on brands impacting the transformation of Baltimore in real estate, food, and impact in a project and client-focused manner. The apprentice will be responsible for supporting our Business Development Director with purpose-driven work and projects across multiple projects. Applicants should possess the skills to effectively assist with project management, client communication, and strategy for our Baltimore leadership.

We have a limited amount of spaces and the applications will fill up quickly. If you are interested please send your cover letter and resume to with the position you are applying to clearly labeled in the subject line by March 31st.

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