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We partnered with Food Forever and Crop Trust to create a series aimed at showcasing the importance of crop diversity – from farmers to genebanks, to chefs, to your dinner table.

The series presented the importance of agrobiodiversity leading up to the Food Forever Experience Pocono 2020 – an immersive virtual experience with 15+ speakers designed to raise awareness of the importance of crop diversity and its connection to healthy soils and resilient, sustainable agricultural systems.

We are Diverse. We are Resilient.

Our greatest strength is our diversity in experiences, strengths, ideas and perspectives, as well as the diversity in our agriculture, our livestock, our crops and our food.

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Farmers, Dedicated Stewards of Plant Diversity

For millennia, farmers have domesticated, selected and exchanged plants, making them the ultimate stewards of the world’s crop diversity. But the current climate crisis has left farmers facing new, urgent challenges. Fortunately, the wealth of diversity in our food crops is a resource for adaptation.

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The Seed Bank & Ensuring Resilience in the Food System

Crop diversity can still be found in farmers’ fields and in the wild, but it is under increasing pressure and needs help to survive. That is why there are over 2 million unique samples of crop diversity stored in the world’s genebanks. These collections allow scientists and plant breeders to create climate-resilient crops for farmers.

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An Opportunity to Serve Diversity

Chefs have been growing in fame and influence over the past decade. With this fame comes a special opportunity to make a difference in our food systems by bringing unexpected and diverse ingredients to the plates and palates of their customers, supporting local farmers and using native ingredients. We can choose to build resilience and celebrate biodiversity. Individually and together.
Food Forever is challenging 2030 chefs to choose biodiversity and help build resilient food systems by 2030. Zero Hunger and Improved Nutrition for all. Start cooking with these recipes.

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You Don't Need to Be a Farmer, Run a Genebank, or Own a Restaurant

For the world, and our children, to thrive, we depend on the food that sustains us. Biodiversity in the produce aisle at your local grocery store. It’s on your dining table. It’s growing in the pot on your balcony or in your backyard. Many of us are fortunate to eat three times a day. That’s three opportunities to choose.

Choose diversity to sustain your nutrition, to add spice and variety to your life, and support farmer livelihoods. Choose to support genebanks and other institutions that are ensuring diversity remains. Join us in building a resilient food system – securing our flavors, our culture, and our world. Forever. Take Action.

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The Food Forever Experience Pocono was the first of its kind.

The historic experience was designed to raise awareness of the importance of crop diversity and its connection to healthy soils and resilient, sustainable agricultural systems.

Over 1,500 chefs, media, seed savers, educators, policy makers, and consumers tuned in to hear over 15 global leaders discuss thematic discussions all with one mission in mind — racing to safeguard agrobiodiversity.

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