Jackass Burrito

After a whirlwind year for restaurants and people alike, the Stephen Starr team asked themselves “what does the world need right now?” and decided upon comfort food and humor. Starr and his team decided to take the greatest hits from El Vez, tweak them, and package the food with digital entertainment to create not only a burrito restaurant but a lifestyle brand. That is how Jackass Burrito, the alter-ego of their fine dining restaurants came to life. It is New York’s newest virtual restaurant, launching with more than just the 4 walls of a restaurant.

What is a Jackass?

Growing up, Stephen’s Aunt used to tell told him not to be a jackass. When he found out that burrito means “little donkey”, it brought a sense of warmth thinking about his past and the name stuck. To us, Jackass is not synonymous with an asshole. Jackass is about being that guy who tags you in funny NSFW content on social, and the person you have to have at the party for the best memories the next day. It is an ode to the time when musicians and comedians were free to speak their minds and the fact that you can say uncensored things both on the left and the right – people want humor.

Now’s Not the Time for Fine Dining

This is no longer about the four walls of a restaurant, but about “content-tainment” the OTT (over the top) approach to the future of restaurants + social media. Jackass is about feeding people with more than just good food – but also with humor, content, and music. We helped interpret this idea into all elements of Jackass, from the photoshoot, website, social media, and merch design.

Limited edition merch drops feature clothing that parodies some of our favorite album covers. The overall tone of the brand pulls from our favorite song lyrics and artists. This iconic Frank Zappa quote is featured on the website, menu and merchanise.

Get your hands on it.

Open for delivery only in New York City beginning February 10th, the menu features unique burritos like an all-day breakfast burrito and a Korean beef burrito, along with traditional classics. Follow along on their Instagram to be the first to know about specials, merch drops, and expansion into new cities.

I don't give a fuck if they remember me at all.

Frank Zappa