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With our help, Felt+Fat's 2020 sales were 100x greater than the previous year.


Like many companies, 2020 brought unexpected challenges to the Philadelphia ceramic company, Felt+Fat. Their handmade luxury flatware was traditionally purchased by restaurants to serve customers dining-in. When COVID caused many restaurants to close, the team saw their sales come to a halt. They approached us to help pivot their marketing in order to attract a brand new audience – people shopping for their own homes.

Celebrating Daily Routines

We helped them launch a campaign that celebrates life’s daily routines by highlighting their confetti line. Every piece has 6 different colors individually-mixed and splattered on with a single paintbrush. Together they make up this lively, exciting collection meant to heighten everyday moments.

The photos and video advertisements feature life’s small moments of peace – the warmth of the first sip of coffee in the morning, the satisfaction of the first bite during your lunch break, or the decadence of the sweet treat after dinner. We wanted to highlight that each of these, often forgotten, moments deserve to be cherished.

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Hand-Crafted and Locally Made

Handmade in Philadelphia, we helped bring customers behind the scenes of the confetti product so they could see the people that their purchase was supporting.

At Home Chef Sets

Remaining true to their roots, we also helped Felt+Fat team up with local chefs to launch their At Home Chef Sets.

They partnered with Chef Erik Oberholtzer and Nicole Marquis to launch specially designed sets, designed so customers could replicate the restaurant experience at home.

At a time when restaurants were forced to close their doors, Felt+Fat wanted to ensure that customers could still support their favorite restaurants and make the experience of dining with friends and loved ones feel special.

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Shop the full Felt+Fat collection here and follow them on Instagram @feltandfat to be the first to know about their latest announcements and product drops.

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