Social Media Manager


Cohere is an award winning creative agency that uses design to make a conscious impact. We specialize in branding hotels, restaurants, and placemaking projects and pledge our skills to the work that bring lasting benefits to society. Our URL is .city because – our projects in hospitality, real estate development and restaurant businesses make our cities and neighborhood fabric unique, and we aim to work with mostly independent, small brands that add value to the next chapter of entrepreneurship in the cities we serve. Philadelphia, NYC and Baltimore are our primary markets, though we work on projects  throughout the United States. Through our unique work, Cohere offers employees the opportunity to have impact on socially relevant and environmentally conscious companies. To us, Design is the art of helping a person and project reach their full potential. This is our “tool” in which we help change the world for the better.

We grew in 2022 and are expecting growth in 2023, therefore we are seeking valuable, motivated team members to join our team to help us achieve our long term goals. This is a fun and exciting time to grow a purposeful agency, and we want partners who can make that ride even more enjoyable!


Cohere is seeking a Social Media Manager to manage our social channels and help us take our content to the next level. Our team is creating stunning work and someone dedicated to the channels that help us tell that story and collaborate with our partners more often is key to this next stage of growth. As a Social Media Manager, you will be responsible for defining and executing end-to-end social media content, engagement, management and growth. You will be responsible, but supported by the team, in the shared goal of improving Cohere’s brand awareness in our target industries of hospitality, real estate and restaurants. The way you will be measured on your success is by improved content marketing efforts, engagement and leads generated online. This is a new function in our business, so you will have freedom to shape how we do things as a team while having the support of others in similar roles to you across the creative agency. You will need to be willing to work at a high level for goals, objectives and budgetary purposes, and then turn those objectives into clear directives and deliverables for other team members.

This job is hybrid, although we would require travel to our NYC, Philadelphia or Baltimore locations as often as Quarterly depending on where you are based out of. We are an experienced hybrid-remote culture and ensure our team feels connected even in a digital environment.

This year Cohere is planning to grow over 25% and with that, continue to increase their National reputation in their sweet spot sector. Their growth so far has been as a result of smart, niche placement, and “flywheel marketing” style supported by a motivated team. We enjoy telling stories about the unique projects we work on, and have found our ideal clients online as a result. Cohere’s Founder and CEO Antoinette Marie Johnson has led the effort and now it is time to hire an experienced marketing professional to help the internal team grow and have more impact. The Cohere team is smart and creative, and they will thrive with an internal marketing leader who is willing to be both patient and driven to achieve team-oriented results.

About the Job

As a Social Media Manager, you will be responsible for ensuring consistent and cohesive storytelling across all channels, working closely with creative team members to develop messaging across all campaign channels: email, website, events, social media, Social Media/advertising  and industry partnerships.

This person should have 3-5 years experience in content marketing, copywriting, social media, Social Media, executing effective campaigns and creative strategies for brands in growth mode. The ideal candidate possesses the skills of someone organized, able to collaborate at a high level to clarify goals and objectives, manage a budget, be administratively efficient, detail oriented, fast learner and interested in working with a talented team to accomplish lead generation marketing on multiple platforms. They are energized by the idea of creating a flywheel of multiple touchpoints for an engaged community online, and pay close attention to other brands for inspiration. They are able to approach deadlines and goals with a solution focused approach.

We are in need of someone who can take on the daily tasks and processes that are important for growing our business. Meaning, someone who will learn from the CEO directly, with a team of willing and capable supporters, to help manage the brand online and take it to the next level. They should be interested in learning how to build a brand or personal brand online, and leadership development as this position offers the unique opportunity to learn first-hand.

Growth opportunities

Cohere is a creative agency that specializes in hospitality, food and beverage, hotels and real estate projects. We are driven by a core passion for revitalizing the cities we serve and “cohering” stakeholders around shared values. Our clients are in restaurants, sustainability, hotels and the built-environment and we provide the full suite of branding services in a non-traditional agency style. Our mission is to transform formerly abandoned space into new use, and ultimately we have been responsible for over 13M square feet of space transformation across the U.S.

The company is in a growth stage but we are doing so intentionally, with our team culture as a key indicator of our success. Our work culture is a hybrid of remote and in-person, out of our NYC, Philadelphia and Baltimore addresses. This job description does not require a location as it is fully remote, however if the candidate desires they are welcome to join in on quarterly Cohere cultural team building events. We are also growing our NYC office so we would like to explore someone based there.

The position of Digital Marketing Manager (a step up from social media manager) will be posted mid to late 2023 depending on how Cohere performs on our goals this coming year. We want to transparently plan for this position to either be grown into by the social media person, or someone to be onboarded as the lead to the social media manager. It is part of the growth opportunities with the agency so therefore we are sharing as it impacts this role.

Pay Rate

  • Base salary range of $58,000-72,000 depending on experience and results oriented examples of work.
  • 401k, Cohere contribution
  • Health benefits included for full-time employee
  • Bonus program available for earn in after 1 year full time employment which is at 10-15% the person’s compensation in addition to their base salary


  • Organized, capable of managing multiple tasks and possess time management skills
  • Interest in design, community building in the creative class
  • Adds value throughout the creative process, contributing and supporting business and clients
  • Works collaboratively with Operations, Account Strategy and Creative teams
  • Desire to learn and/or already possesses basic marketing skills - updating websites, social media, building a brand online, creating a funnel
  • Experience supporting in-person event planning