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The brand speaks with a whimsical and casual tone, drawing influence from both American and French characteristics. Inspired by the historic Stephen Girard Building’s namesake, we aimed to tell a deeper story about Girard’s life and rebellious, self-reliant attitude through creative restaurant branding.

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Elements are inspired by Stephen Girard’s journey from Bordeaux to Philly. From the restaurant’s name to the typography and illustrations – each part conveys Girard’s rebellious spirit, his life at sea, and his legacy as a successful entrepreneur.


A fresh, American-French restaurant gets a whimsical treatment. Eccentric illustrations and Parisian-style typography create delightful moments.

We’d like to be a place where weary travelers and curious locals alike can come together over good food and easy conversation. So wander over to Chestnut Way and stay for a bit. We’ll be waiting with a strong drink in hand.

Mr. Wayward

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