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We’ve won some key awards and recognition lately, which has resulted in interest from some leading hospitality brands and accounts.

Here is why...

Our background in marketing

Cohere has been traditionally known for branding, although our entire agency careers we have exercised serious marketing skills. The reason is that a brand is not static, and it requires smart practices to put a brand’s story into action and have that result in effective businesses for the restaurants we serve. For example – a new brand means a new location, and without smart marketing, that new location has less brand awareness as a result. So we’ve been building some seriously valuable skill sets along our journey as branding and storytelling professionals.

COVID forced our clients to trust us and lean on our abilities more. This gave us some opportunities to flex our marketing muscle! In the past few years since the pandemic, we have successfully launched 3 new marketing divisions in our agency.

Restaurant Campaigns
Digital Marketing
Social Media Management

Winning the "Best Restaurant Marketing Agency" Recognition

As a result of the past few years of restaurant marketing, Cohere has received some industry-wide recognition.

First, we were named “Best Restaurant Marketing Agency” by Bento Box who is a leading partner in digital presence for restaurants. They supply tech to restaurants that help them maximize conversions from takeout to reservation systems. Cohere has been working with them for over 5 years and is a premiere partner, having done many restaurant websites over our 15 year history.

Second, we recently got prized with “Best Packaging Design Agency” amongst 4,500 other creative agencies in the world by, a leading service provider review site.

Cohere is a design-forward branding, marketing and creative studio with a passion for telling good stories for hospitality brands. They’re based on the East Coast, with offices in New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Bento Box

Results that Speak for Themselves

Cohere is working with the greatest hospitality professionals in the industry (see a peak at our client list below). And that kind of trust is earned only by significantly measurable results. Here are a few key examples of the best-in-class reputation we have built for ourselves:

  • Our restaurant clients spend 3% or less on marketing whereas the industry average is 10% spend of average revenue. That is a rate 3x lower than our restaurant competitors and a 7% average savings that can be spent on other things you need operationally
  • Our restaurant client’s average is 3,800% ROAS (revenue attributable to ads / cost of ads). This refers to the amount of revenue that is earned for every dollar spent on a campaign.
  • The restaurant industry average ratio on return is 2:1. Cohere manages to an average of 5:1 after a full year of advertising. Our special formula works and we apply it to our clients in a transparent, collaborative manner that yields results they can happily track.

Best-in-class, Premiere Clients

Cohere works with small and independent brands, to larger groups. The ability to work with both is key because it keeps us lean, nimble and smart with all strategies. This list of restaurant brands are who we served or are are being interviewed and/or working with currently:

True Foods Kitchen
Starr Restaurant Group (Pastis, El Vez, Le Cou Cou, Parc, LMNO, Frankford Hall, etc)
Schulson Collective (Harp & Crown, Double Knot, Giuseppe & Sons, etc)
Tender Greens
Choice Market, convenience stores and prepared foods
HipCityVeg, Marquis & Co (Charlie was a sinner, Bar Bombon)
And more – want to join the club of these amazing brands?

Work with Us

If you’re looking for support on your marketing efforts, it might be time to consider working with a marketing agency.

And not just any agency, but one that shows results and has a “no stone left unturned” mentality - meaning, don’t make any excuses!

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