Podcast: Uniting stakeholders within urban projects

Written by Chris Richards on July 11, 2019

Hosted by our friends and partner agency, Authentic Form & Function, the Transforming Cities podcast’s goal is to spark new conversation and insight around the urban real estate industry.

Authentic sat down with our founder and CEO, Antoinette Marie Johnson, to explore her “superpower” and what it means for Cohere – uniting often siloed stakeholders so they can tackle shared goals, helping both cities and companies reach their full potential. On this episode, the team discusses unifying urban fabric so communities can grow and thrive despite population changes within urban centers.

“You really need public entities and private entities to be working together and when you get them to align around a cohesive vision, narrative and story. You’re bringing them together around values and goals that they already share.”

She often finds herself unifying stakeholders in real estate and F&B projects, with her unique history in planning and mapping with a twist of urban insight. She also discusses the responsibility to preserve the true authentic nature and personality of these developing areas. Her emphasis on long lasting change brings fresh layers to the built-environment conversation.

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