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A Modern Workplace

Authentic Form & Function and Cohere have partnered together once again to bring both visual and digital vibrancy to a new project: The Beauty Shoppe. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Beauty Shoppe creates and delivers coworking spaces outside of the conventional corporate mold.

Rather than offering traditional spaces in newer office buildings, Beauty Shoppe’s workplaces can be found in adaptive reuse projects that embody the unique character and culture of their neighborhood. In the modern age where the market is saturated with coworking options, the mission of branding and digital development is crucial in showing just how different Beauty Shoppe is from the rest.

“Creating a visual identity and system that articulates and showcases workplace hospitality is a challenge, but we feel this team will help bring our culture and mindset to life,” said Zach Ciccone, head of growth at Beauty Shoppe.

Cohere is leading the brand and storytelling components on this project, while Authentic is leading the digital strategy, design, and technology components.

“What’s unique about Beauty Shoppe is the sheer opportunity on the table,” said Chris Richards, director of business development at Cohere. “How can we inject soul? How can we showcase character? These are things that the project offers us when thinking about web and digital engagement.”

Beauty Shoppe already has a strong brand. From its bespoke partnerships with food, beverage and retail companies such as Schoolhouse Electric, it offers a worldview that’s more connected and thought-provoking than typical co-working spaces. So, showcasing its hospitality and cultural recognition was essential.

Showcasing the workplace hospitality and cultural connection in each of Beauty Shoppe’s unique locations was essential. Ciccone said that creating a thoughtful digital experience that enrolls the individual into a project as it’s being developing – its size, offering, pricing, culture – is the type of discussion Beauty Shoppe strives to have with the neighborhood residents it’s impacting.

We spend the majority of our lives in the workplace. Which is why we’re obsessed with creating a place that leaves you feeling cared for, healthier, and more energized at the end of the workday than at the beginning.

Zach Ciccone, The Beauty Shoppe

“What I appreciate and respect about Cohere and Authentic is their commitment to honoring the quality, provenance, and design of the places we create,” Ciccone said. “There is an intuitive understanding that we bring culture to business, and business to culture. The decision to work with both groups was an obvious one for us.”


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