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Named after the building’s architect, Willis Gaylord Hale–who also happens to be the mastermind behind the Divine Lorraine–the Hale Building located at the corner of Juniper and Chestnut streets has historical significance to Philadelphia.

Brickstone Realty recently announced their plans to restore the Hale Building to its original glory, but with modern upgrades for creative offices and two new restaurants in Midtown village. The building’s history of neglect has Philadelphians anticipating the resurrection of the famous building, and we share in the excitement of being a part of the project. Creative Director Dylan Garner explained her approach as:

Historically hip. The contrast of the old and the new choices in the Hale Building will create a vibrant ambiance that pushes the boundaries of not only Midtown Village, but also Philadelphia’s image associated with style and creativity.

With the rise in demands for non-traditional office space, Midtown Village is becoming the go-to neighborhood for creative tech firms and startups. Brickstone is meeting this demand by building an incredible vision for the Hale Building, starting with At Media’s branding and placemaking efforts. We approached the Hale Building’s brand with careful attention to preserving the unique historical elements, just as Brickstone is in its preservation approach. Our creative efforts, however, also needed to showcase the modern use of the building and differentiate the property as the beautiful relic it will be after construction is completed. Garner said,

We want people to feel like this is the new entrance to our neighborhood, and be proud to say they work there.

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