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June 5, 2020


Fellow human beings, Black lives matter.

We are here.

We are listening.

We are learning.

We are unlearning.

And we want to do better.

The word “Cohere” means to be united or to form a whole out of shared principles and values. In order to carry that message forward, we recognize that we must reflect on our own biases, blind-spots, and how our actions may have reinforced systemic inequality.

Where the past week has left us without the right words and with feelings of devastation, like many, we are seeking to translate feelings into action. We have been shaking our heads asking “what the hell can Cohere do about this?” and honestly, we don’t have clear answers.

As a small start, we are committing to actively participate and sponsor programs that we know will make incremental change across our home city, beginning with re-engagement in youth mentorship programs such as FirstHand Philadelphia.

We are committed to working towards long-term change that is beyond a statement. And we recognize there is so much more to be done.

Every day is an opportunity to learn, reflect, and challenge ourselves. Today we hope to acknowledge how much we still do not know.

Please tell us what we can do better. We are here. We are listening.

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