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Oh Maitake Beyond Burger

Our friends at HipCityVeg wanted to do something positive this year to lift and amplify new voices and serve our community. That’s why they teamed up with teen activist Haile Thomas to launch their new Oh Maitake Beyond burger. Not only is this HipCityVeg’s FIRST gluten-free burger, but $1 of each Oh Maitake Burger sold will go towards Support and Feed‘s efforts to deliver plant-based meals to families impacted by the pandemic. The burger features a juicy Beyond Burger topped with crispy maitake mushrooms, Iceberg lettuce, pickled red onions, alfalfa sprouts, and smoked Gouda cheese, and a creamy herb spread created from a recipe in Haile’s own cookbook, Living Lively. 

Collaborate and Listen

Cohere first meeting Haile through our work with food forever and her ahead of the curve thinking about sustainability at such a young age. HipCityVeg’s founder and marketing director totally knocked it out of the park with their collaboration to create a mushroom burger, the first gluten-free one for the restaurant, and launch it with her one of a kind recipes from the vegan cookbook. We can speak from experience, it’s delicious, and we can’t wait for you all to try it.

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