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Breaking barriers and connecting leaders

It required some team transitions, additions, and title changes! Like Chris Richards, who was named a partner of the firm this year. His 7-year commitment to client satisfaction and growth of the Baltimore/DC region made his recognition of leadership a no-brainer.

Photo by Gab Bonghi

Chef and founder of Tender Greens Erik Oberholtzer officially joined the team this year.

His expertise has proven helpful for our restaurant clients, but even more powerful for connecting their everyday efforts to a global mission to change the landscape of food and how it impacts our environment. Because of Erik x Cohere’s partnership, we are cutting through the noise of food marketing with valuable, global mentions in articles from Forbes, NPR, Time Magazine, Fast Company and more in 2019. Shout out to our key partners in editorial and media placement with Aviva, Wendy, and Mike!

The year of marketing required us to hire the best performing intern we had this year with Jasmyne Mena. She is intuitive and an old-soul, characteristics that inform her talent in storytelling and connecting all of the dots (cohering!). Her standards around inclusion and diversity are something we are leaning into more this coming year. Everyone has been overheard saying “I want a Jasmyne!” because of how much she gets shit done!

Opened many restaurants

We put down roots in Brooklyn this year with only three people we immediately got to work with some F&B clients. We supported the launch of  The Butcher’s Daughter Brooklyn Bakery & Market expansion in Williamsburg NYC by driving their brand storytelling, activations and influencer experiences that continue to differentiate the brand from strong competition in that market.

We went deeper with our vegan fast food community in DC and PHL

Opening three new HipCityVeg restaurants! We worked tirelessly with this incredible women-led team to influence the next level look and operations. Everything from new signage, new interiors, new product packaging, merch walls, and very fun opening events. It literally takes a village to support food businesses these days, so we are so grateful for the community-building and collaborations led by founder Nicole Marquis. She shares in the vision of cohesiveness and impact!

We got our hands dirty

With the largest regenerative organic farm in the country: Pocono Organics at the Pocono Raceway launching this year. We got teary-eyed a few times with their mission inspired by Ashley Walsh’s personal health journey which motivated her to shift the dialogue around food in the world of sports.

Our amazing Cohere network supported them too with the invitation to test their organic produce line at Di Bruno Bros markets! It performed well and informs its plans for 2020. Look for their label in more stores and restaurants this year.

Urban hired us for a secret project

This is going to be a big highlight for us in 2020. We can’t say too much more but just that their esteemed team has brought a level of creative collaboration that we have waited for our entire careers to work with, and it’s boosted Cohere’s level of expertise. Stay tuned, this is a game-changer!

Becoming Family with Di Bruno Bros

The Di Bruno Brothers have truly become family for Cohere. 2019 was a year that brought incredible partnership for launching our interiors design services that landed attention from the top press and is now packed week after week with happy customers. Next up is a new location with both Alimentari x Di Bruno Bros market and entire eating, shopping, and learning experiences! We owe sincere gratitude toward Di Bruno Bros for the unique opportunity to launch our floral brand at their Rittenhouse location.

Tranformation in Baltimore

A team of all-star development partners enlisted the support of Cohere to design and concept a comprehensive development proposal in response to the City of Baltimore’s RFP for the redevelopment of the “superblock” – A long-neglected and undervalued part of Baltimore’s downtown core, in what is called the Bromo Arts District. Right now, the Bromo is the definition of a patchwork neighborhood; united in vision by a strong arts core, but fragmented by piecemeal development and individual efforts.

The 400 block of Park Avenue, Baltimore is primed to be one of Baltimore’s most exciting developments in 2020. With our creative support, Chris Janian and partners are envisioning the future of Downtown Baltimore’s growth and social interaction while supporting the revitalization of a historically significant neighborhood. Dwell on Park is located in the heart of the Bromo, at the northern end of what used to be Baltimore’s historic Chinatown. Follow along at @dwellonpark as announcements are made.

One of the area’s most recognized and effective nonprofits, St Vincent de Paul of Baltimore selected Cohere as the agency of record for several projects in 2019. With a laser focus on providing solutions for homelessness, hunger, unemployment and childhood poverty, SVDP is making a concrete difference for thousands in Baltimore city.

Recognizing their efforts, they were one of only 32 organizations across the country to receive the Bezos Day 1 Fund: awarded $5 MILLION to support their meaningful, high-impact work to provide shelter and support for young families in communities across the country.

To end the year, we are thankful

Thankful that each day allows us to work with some of the brightest minds in urban development, hospitality, and economic impact. We’re thankful that we are contributing to conversations around food, shelter, and community – the places in which we grow and thrive. Cohere’s vision is to have a lasting impact on our cities, but we are just a small part of the equation to make that happen.

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